ENQUIRER World ExclusiveLISTEN TO BOMBSHELL McCARTNEY TAPES!Family charges abuse and cruelty

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Paul McCartney abused his elderly father and his stepsister says he made sexual advances toward her — those are the outrageous claims of two of the former Beatle’s family members, who claimed he is an egotistical tyrant who brutally mistreated those around him.

The ENQUIRER has exclusively obtained never-before-heard audio tapes recorded by Paul’s stepmother Angie and stepsister Ruth, in which they bitterly portray Paul as an arrogant jerk who uses his his fame and fortune as a weapon against his family.

At one point, when Ruth hit hard financial times, Paul refused to help her and suggested she go to work as a prostitute, she says.

The shocking tapes could give Paul’s estranged wife Heather Mills a potent new weapon in their brutal divorce war.

Angie’s and Ruth’s allegations are contained in more than eight hours of interviews recorded in 1994 with Beatles biographer Geoffrey Giuliano.

Giuliano, of Lockport, N.Y., has written 28 books about The Beatles. He intended to use the tapes as the basis for a book titled “I’ll Follow the Sun: Our Life With Beatle Paul by His Stepmother and Sister Angela & Ruth McCartney,” but it was never published.

Until the McCartney-Mills divorce became front-page news, Giuliano had kept the material locked away. But now he feels it’s time to reveal what Paul’s family said about the legendary musician.

Giuliano says Heather’s claims of abuse by McCartney are very similar to allegations made by Ruth and Angie. “For decades there has been a code of silence about Paul. Now Heather has blown the lid on it,” Guiliano told The ENQUIRER.

“There is clearly more than the kernel of truth in what Heather has said — I’d say more like the whole cob.”

Angie married Paul’s father Jim in 1964 when Ruth — Angie’s daughter from a prior marriage — was just four years old.

Paul stayed for extended periods with the trio in a five-bedroom house that he had bought for Jim.

“It seemed like a kind thing to, do but Paul ruled the house like a tyrant when he was there and would remind Angie and his father they should be grateful for his generosity,” revealed Giuliano.

On the tapes, Angie said that when Paul was upset, he would shriek: “Don’t forget I put every crumb of food in your mouth!”

“I never forgot that,” said Angie.

Angie also told Giuliano that Jim had bitter arguments with Paul for smoking marijuana in the house.

“Jim knew that he smoked pot and didn’t like it,” said Angie.

“My dad would say to Paul, ‘Don’t be doing that here,'” recalled Ruth. “And then it would break down into the ‘Whose house is this?’ argument.

“This is my bloody house — I’ll do what I want,” Paul allegedly told them.

Giuliano told The ENQUIRER: “Jim was very ill in his later years with arthritis, and the way Paul is said to have treated him can only be defined as ‘elder abuse.'”

“It was after Paul and Linda got married when Jim’s arthritis was really getting severe,” said Angie, referring to Paul’s marriage to Linda Eastman in 1969. “He needed warmth all the time and we had a fire going on in the living room.

“It was a winter evening and Paul came into the room, opened the French windows, pulled the curtains wide and a gale blew in.”

Angie asked Paul to close the doors, but he refused.

“There’s nothing wrong with him!” Paul allegedly screamed. “You’re making him into a cripple! Get up, you can walk! It’s all in your mind. There’s nothing wrong with you!”

“Poor old Jim had little tears plopping down his face,” said Angie.

(To hear Paul’s stepmother talk about his cruelty toward his father, click on the play button.)

Ruth also recalled a disturbing event in which she claims Paul made a sexual advance at her when she was just a child and he was in his 20s.

“By the time I was 11 or 12 I was pretty well-endowed — I was a 34C,” said Ruth. She told Giuliano about a confrontation that took place when she was about 13, in which she bumped into Paul in the hallway of the house after emerging from the bathtub wearing a towel wrapped around her.

“And Paul said, ‘My, my, my … Look at you, you’re getting to be a big girl. You’re growing up, aren’t you?'” Angie recalled.

“He sort of patted me on the rump. Linda heard him, and there was World War III.”

(To hear Paul’s stepsister describe this incident, click on the play button.)

Giuliano told The ENQUIRER that Ruth hadn’t spoken to her step-brother since 1980, four years after Jim died, when Paul learned a business she and her mother were running was failing.

“Angie had contacted Paul to let him know they would need to sell some memorabilia because they had to raise money,” Giuliano said.

Ruth claimed on the tapes that Paul told his stepmother to “scrub floors and bottle fruit” if she needed the cash – and then told his then-20-year-old stepsister to put some make-up on and go “do what you women are made for.” “I just had enough,” said Ruth. “He was virtually telling me to go and be a hooker.

“I said, ‘Paul this is absolutely senseless us having this conversation. I have my heart set on a career, we’ve made a few mistakes, and I’ll probably make a lot more … Maybe I’ll never make it, but there are certain things I will not do.”

Ruth said the tense conversation reached a stalemate and she told Paul she was going to “put the phone down.” She suggested he call her back when he had cooled off so they could discuss their options.

“The last words he ever said to me were, ‘You can’t put the phone down on me – I’m Paul McCartney.'” They never spoke again.

(To hear Paul’s stepsister describe their final conversation, click on the play button.)

When contacted by The ENQUIRER about the stunning allegations of Ruth and Angie, Paul’s representative did not respond.