The divorce papers filed by media mogul billionaire Rupert Murdoch yesterday against his third wife in New York Supreme Court have been exclusively obtained by The ENQUIRER.

Reports today say the divorce “has spun the twitterverse into a tizzy of speculation,” but only The ENQUIRER has the shocking divorce documents!

In a 3-page filing, dated June 13, Murdoch took “Action For A Divorce” against wife Wendi Deng.

The document states that “the relationship between the husband and the wife has broken down irretrievably for a period of more than six months.”

While reports say there was a pre-nup before the couple married 14 years ago, the papers ACTUALLY REVEAL more than just a pre-nup, which it says is dated May 8, 1999.

According to the docs, there was also a “post-nuptial agreement” dated as of October 2002 – and also a “second post-nuptial agreement” dated June 25, 2004.

The post-nups appear to follow the births of the couple’s two daughters, Grace, 11, born in 2001, and Chloe, 9, born in 2003.

The papers also state that 82-year-old Murdoch is seeking “joint custody” of the children.

While Forbes says Murdoch’s net worth is a whopping $11.2 billion, the legal documents note that “the defendant (Wendi) is advised that she may no longer be covered by the plaintiff’s health insurance plan upon entry of a judgment of divorce…”

Wendi, 44, may be best known for the video that viral in July 2011 when she instinctively lunged at a protester to protect Rupert from a pie attack when he testified at a British parliamentary subcommittee hearing about a phone hacking scandal at his company’s “News of the World” newspaper.

The New York Daily News posted today that an “undisclosed ‘jawdropping’ reason could come in days” as to why the divorce action was taken, adding, “the divorce has spun the twitterverse into a tizzy of speculation.”

Earlier today, The Hollywood Reporter said that a spokesperson for Tony Blair flatly denied “media rumors” that Wendi is romantically involved with the former British prime minister.

Murdoch , whose divorce to his second wife cost him $1.7 billion, is being represented by top divorce lawyer Ira E. Garr, while Wendi has hired known celeb attorney Pamela M. Sloan.