Move over “Housewives” — there are some new divas on the block! Season 4 of ABC’s hit Desperate Housewives promises to be the wildest year yet — as the show introduces a gay couple that stirs up trouble on Wisteria Lane.

Stop reading if you don’t want to know more about the sizzling new plot lines — because The ENQUIRER has an exclusive sneak peek at the new season, which starts Sept. 30.

“The fur will fly and the cat claws will be razor sharp when the show’s newest characters — gay couple Bob and Lee — buy a house on America’s most talked about street,” said a show insider. “Introducing a gay couple shakes up the neighborhood.”

Ultra-sweet Bob — played by soap opera hunk Tuc Watkins — and super-catty Lee — Judging Amy star Kevin Rahm — manage to make some friends, but they clash with Teri Hatcher‘s character Susan Mayer when they install a “huge metal sculpture that also serves as a water fountain for their front lawn,” according to the source.

“Not only is it ugly and gigantic, but it drives Susan nuts because when it turns on, the spouting water makes a loud clanging noise that wakes her up. She immediately starts a campaign to drive the new couple out of the neighborhood.”

Homophobic prejudices also rise to the surface as some residents of Wisteria Lane feel their “picture perfect suburbia is now ruined when the gays move in.”

Also joining the cast is Emmy winner Dana Delany, who’ll be playing creepy Katherine Mayfair — a woman with a lurid past who left the neighborhood 12 years earlier.

And it doesn’t take long for the housewives to uncover the Mayfair family’s dark secret, which explodes in a midseason episode, the source said.

Katherine, a “perfectionist” and “control freak,” butts heads with everyone — including Felicity Huffman‘s character Lynette Scavo, who is undergoing chemotherapy for her cancer. Katherine also crosses paths with Marcia Cross‘ Bree Van De Kamp over a recipe for lemon meringue pie “and the two literally battle it out with their kitchen spatulas!” the source said.

Bree continues to pretend she’s pregnant in order to cover for her pregnant teenage daughter Danielle who was sent to a convent — and Bree waltzes around the neighborhood with padding on her stomach as she shops for baby clothes.

The source revealed that Jesse Metcalfe will return to the show this season to play hunky gardener John Rowland, who tries to woo back Eva Longoria‘s character Gabrielle.

Meanwhile, newlyweds Gabrielle and Victor Lang — played by John Slattery — are still fighting because Gabrielle knows that he married her only to help his political career, says the source.

And Gabrielle continues to have an affair with her ex-husband Carlos, played by Ricardo Antonio Chavira.

Another big change this season: Eva Longoria, who married basketball star Tony Parker in July, is now billed as Eva Longoria Parker!