For those of you playing catch up with the  Clay Aiken – Gay "bombshell revelation", the ENQUIRER first broke the news when it was news back in our February 6, 2006 edition.

In an exclusive story "CLAY IS GAY" a former Green Beret, John Paulus went on the record after passing a intensive polygraph test that the two engaged in 90 minutes of steamy passion at a hotel near Aiken’s hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Aiken had contacted the former Army Ranger through a gay internet website.  He then called Paulus and set up a date.

"Clay told me he just came out of the closet to his mother and a few close friends last year," Paulus revealed.  "He told me he was single again after having broken up with his boyfriend about five months ago."

They hooked up at the Quality Inn on January 2nd  where they engaged in consentual unprotected sex.

Aikem has continually denied he was gay since he first appeared on American Idol until he outed himself yesterday on a national glossy for a nice pay day holding his new test tube spawn.

ENQUIRER readers already knew the truth years ago.