PATRICK SWAYZE’s widow LISA NIEMI in for a huge shock! New love Albert De­Prisco is hiding a bombshell family secret …

 – his older brother was arrest­ed for possession of crack cocaine and marijuana.

As The ENQUIRER reported ex­clusively last week, Lisa has fallen head over heels for the wealthy Boca Raton, Fla., jeweler.

But now we’ve discovered a fam­ily humiliation that Albert has been concealing from 56-year-old Lisa because he’s badly embarrassed and fears it could derail their relation­ship, say sources.

In February 2003, his brother Frank E. DePrisco, now 60, was busted by the Broward County (Fla.) Sheriff ’s Department after officers witnessed what appeared to be a street drug purchase in Deerfield Beach – less than two miles from Albert’s plush beachside penthouse.

According to official police documents obtained by The ENQUIRER, officers became suspi­cious when they saw Frank sitting in his Cadillac sedan, parked in the wrong direction, in a seedy area.

“The vehicle was stopped next to…a rooming house known for the sale of narcotics,” an arresting offi­cer reported.

“As I pulled next to the vehicle…a black male who was standing at the driver’s door talking with the defen­dant walked away in the opposite direction.

“I asked the defendant why he was on the wrong side of the road. The defendant stated he was there to buy a pool (cue).”

With Frank’s permission, the officer says he searched the car and discovered a small bag of marijuana “in between the center console and the driver’s seat.

“Also located in the center console were small rocks of crack cocaine.”

Frank pleaded no contest to both charges and was sen­tenced to 15 months probation for third-degree felony cocaine posses­sion and 12 months probation for misdemeanor marijuana possession.

Now, Albert, 57, is hoping Lisa doesn’t find out about his brother’s shady past, said a source close to the family.

“He’s crazy about her and doesn’t want to reveal anything that might scare her away,” explained the source.

“He’s worried if she finds out about his brother’s drug arrest, it will reflect badly on him and his family and might send her running the other way.”