Published on: December 28, 2000

"I hope you drop dead, bitch!"

That was the hateful holiday wish repulsive rapper Eminem delivered to his mom -- according to his horrified grandmother -- and now she thinks he should be tossed in the slammer!

Eminem unloaded on his mom Debbie after she'd driven nearly 1,000 miles so he could celebrate Christmas with his half-brother Nate. When Debbie got into town and called her son to discuss holiday plans, he exploded.

"He started screaming, 'For all I care, you can drop dead, bitch!'" the rapper's disgusted granny Betty Kresin tells Planet Tabloid in an exclusive interview.

"He added, 'I hope you have a heart attack and die! "'In fact, I'd like to see you killed in a car accident. But then Nate probably would be with you and he'd die, too. And I wouldn't want that to happen.'"

Now a disgusted Kresin thinks her bad-boy grandson should go to prison on the gun charge he faces after allegedly attacking a man at a nightclub last summer.

"Maybe if he sat in jail for a while he'd have time to think about all the cruel things he's done to his mother!"