RAPPER EMINEM left more than controversy in his wake at the Grammy Awards.

The 26-year-old bad boy tore through his dressing room like an out-of-control bulldozer — and furious event organizers are promising to make him pay for the damage!

“Eminem was the center of controversy at the Grammy Awards and he proved that his anger isn’t contrived for the stage,” an insider revealed.

“He trashed his dressing room so severely that event organizers were vowing to sue him!

“Before he even went onstage, Eminem sliced up the couch in his dressing room.

“Then he smeared ketchup, mustard and ranch dressing all over the walls.

“It was an extremely violent eruption. The place looked like a bomb had gone off.

“Grammy officials were furious! When they saw the damage after the show they took pictures and vowed to make the rapper pay.”

After performing the hit song “Stan” with Elton John, Eminem shocked the audience when he gave a one-finger salute — with both hands.

But the provocative rapper — whose “The Marshall Mathers LP” nabbed two Grammys — had already sealed his nasty reputation backstage.

“Before he even went onstage Eminem was ordering all of the event staff around,” the insider revealed.

“First, he demanded a different kind of bottled water than what had been provided.

“Then he kept sending staffers out on more and more errands. By the time he performed, they were sick of him.”

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