To his fans, Eminem is a god. To the Raelians, he ranks just slightly lower.

The bizarre religious group has named Eminem an Honorary Priest because they feel his latest song “Mosh” reflects their opposition to President George W. Bush and his administration’s actions in the Middle East.

“As a gift of gratification for the political statements Eminem is making against our government through music, His Holiness Rael has named him an Honorary Priest,” Raelian Guide Priest Marilen Parent told Planet Tab.

“Eminem sends very powerful messages to our youth — the only real hope we have for the future — and we believe he should be commended for not being afraid to jeopardize his career, his image and for standing up for peace.”

Rael praised the rapper in a public statement after watching Eminem’s “Mosh” video.

“This is wonderful,” Rael said. “It will help millions of young people, who are otherwise uninterested by politics because they see the lies and hypocrisy coming from Washington.”

The Raelian Movement began in France after the organization’s founder, Rael, said he had been contacted by an extraterrestrial on Dec. 13, 1973.

Rael is also the founder of the very controversial organization known as Clonaid, a company that claims it’s the first in the world to offer a human cloning service.

According to Guide Priest Parent, Eminem is the 13th person to be given an Honorary Priesthood by Rael.

Others include Sinead O’Connor, Madonna, Bill Gates and Linda Ronstadt.