Why BACHELORETTE  EMILY MAYNARD won’t marry ANY of her TV suitors!

EMILY MAYNARD won’t accept a mar­riage proposal on TV’s “Bachelorette,” sources say, after clashing with her daughter’s wealthy grandparents!

“Emily has had a real change of heart about get­ting married,” a pal of the 26-year-old blonde beauty told The ENQUIRER. “She’s just as hopeful as always that she’ll find lasting love, but she’s decided that marrying one of the men vying for her heart on the show isn’t worth jeopardizing what she stands to lose.”

And she stands to lose plenty!

As The ENQUIRER recently re­ported, Emily became pregnant with NASCAR superstar Ricky Hendrick’s child in 2004. But before she could break the news to him, he lost his life in a fiery plane crash while en route to a race.

After the tragedy, Ricky’s parents Rick and Linda Hendrick made it clear to Emily that she and daugh­ter Ricki, now 7, would be taken care of, sources say. But they’re dead set against Emily finding a husband on TV.

“While the Hen­dricks will make sure their grand­daughter has the best of everything, Emily has gotten the hint that she’s as good as cut off if she marries any of the contestants from ‘The Bachelor­ette,’” said the source.

“The Hendricks have also made it clear that they’re none too happy with Emily encouraging Ricki to play such a huge part on the show, and they were shocked at how Emily made out with several of her suitors in a single episode.”

An insider close to the show added: “The Hendricks don’t want the step­father of their grandchild to be a man that Emily picks out of a TV lineup, as if he was a steer at a livestock auction.

“When and if she marries, they want her future husband to be someone who has enough money to support their grandchild in style, and will provide the love that both Emily and little Ricki need.”

After Ricki was born, Emily used the Hendricks’ family connections to NASCAR to advance her broadcasting career. She landed a gig hosting the Speed Channel’s podcast “Emily on the Scene” in 2006, and then moved on to host the nationally syndicated series “3 Wide Life.”

“Now Emily is hop­ing that her appear­ances on two seasons of ‘The Bachelorette’ will catapult her into a full-time TV career and possibly even the opportunity for her own show,” said the source.

Meanwhile, she’s taking “The Bachelor­ette” audience for a ride, claimed the in­sider.

“The producers like to keep the fantasy going, and they pressured Emily to accept a marriage proposal,” revealed the insider. “She’ll put a diamond ring on her finger and smile for the camera, but she doesn’t intend to actually mar­ry anyone. Emily’s just playing along to give producers what they want, while the audi­ence is being duped into be­lieving they’re witnessing real love!”