No DNA proof but die hard fan drops $18G for hunk of Elvis‘ hair.

Well, to be precise, $18,3000 for a chunk of the late King’s locks at a Chicago auction that also featured other Presley items including clothing, Xmas cards and  LPs from El’s personal jukebox.

The memorabilia was from the collection of Elvis uber-fan Gary Pepper, who was one-time president of the national Elvis fan club.

The hair was reportedly given to Pepper to mail to die hard Pres-o-philes, according to the auction catalogue, after Elvis’ hair was shorn  from his Army induction in 1958.  The symbolic shaving was the subject of newsreels and media glare as the Army hoped to induce recruitment.

A "leading expert in celebrity hair authentication," claims the hair matches his own personal hunk of Elvis’ hair, taken from the same haircut.

But without DNA confirmation that the 51 year old cuttings ARE Elvis’,  it’s just a hank of hair, no piece of bone.