Lifelong feud with ELVIS marked step-mom as “Devil In Disguise” — the second wife of his father, Vernon, Davada “DEE” PRESLEY, is dead at 88.

Much maligned by Elvis fans as she made shocking allegations about the troubled rock singer’s sexuality and drug abuse, Dee passed at her home in Nashville, Tenn.

After Presley’s death shocker in 1977 she has hit the media bandwagon alleging Elvis had entered into an incestuous affair with beloved mom Gladys.

She also claimed Elvis had killed himself because he knew he had untreatable bone-marrow cancer.

In her mind-boggling 1993 book 'The Intimate Life and Death of Elvis Presley', Dee wrote Elvis had had a homosexual affair with TV’s “The Rebel” star Nick Adams who died from a prescription drug overdose in 1968.

Most El scholars believe that Dee's claims were motivated by jealously and revenge. 

She reportedly felt Elvis had ruined her marriage to his father Vernon, which ended in November 1977 — a mere three months after Elvis’s death and 18 months before Vernon died.

In a 1980 interview Dee stated: “Vernon was more married to Elvis than to me. He is ultimately what caused the deterioration of my marriage. He was incredibly selfish… like a black hole that totally sucks in everything around it.”'

Defending her right to pen her tell-all shocker, she said, “How could I exploit it any more than it has already been exploited? And besides, we all gave our lives to Elvis. Now maybe we’re just trying to take a little something back.”