“You’re the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. Will you marry me?”

With those words, a teary-eyed Ellen DeGeneres proposed to on-again/off-again girlfriend Alex Hedison and slipped an engagement ring on her finger.

The proposal came just two months after the couple had broken up a second time. And it was another woman who brought them together once and for all.

“Ellen and Alex have had a very passionate and tempestuous relationship,” an insider declared.

“For the longest time, Alex was afraid of commitment to Ellen. She found herself running home from Ellen’s every other night.

“Alex is an AA member and a nondrinker. And Ellen’s nightly wine drinking was a great temptation for Alex. She was wary of living full-time with the comedy star.

“Conflicted over Ellen’s love, Alex finally decided they should split.

“But it took Ellen just one date with another woman to win Alex back.

“When Alex found out that Ellen had been out with Patricia Velasquez, the sultry star of ‘The Mummy Returns,’ she came running back. Ellen welcomed her with open arms.

“And a few days later came Ellen’s heartfelt marriage proposal. One night after a candlelit dinner, Ellen took Alex’s hand, looked deeply and tearfully into her eyes and said, ‘Will you marry me?’

“As Ellen held out matching gold band engagement rings, a deeply moved Alex whispered back, ‘Oh, yes!’

“Then Ellen slipped a ring on Alex’s finger and kissed her.

“Now Ellen and Alex are engaged, living as a couple and excitedly planning an intimate wedding ceremony.

“They’re even talking about having a baby. Alex has already agreed to carry the child if they decide on kids. Ellen is older — she just turned 44 — so 32-year-old Alex has agreed to take the mother role.

“Alex has finally moved into Ellen’s house lock, stock and gold band, and is dedicating herself fully to the relationship.

“It’s amazing what another woman can do to ignite the fires of love. A little jealousy brought lovebirds Ellen and Alex together again!”