Disgraced two time presidential loser JOHN EDWARDS soon-to-be ex-wife ELIZABETH emerges from seclusion to speak out on RIELLE HUNTER, philandering and her new idol SANDRA BULLOCK. 

"I’m not just a cuckolded wife," Edwards told the TODAY show, in her first interview since the announced pending divorce.

"Did I waste my time in these years? Have I thrown this part of my life away? I decided that I didn’t, that maybe I didn’t get the same things out of it I expected to, or that I thought I was at the time."

Even in the wake of the RIELLE HUNTER affair that the ENQUIRER first revealed to the word in a comprehensive ongoing investigation, Elizabeth said she still believed hubby John was "marvelous" when she appeared on the morning show a year ago to promote her book.

Now, however, she doesn’t even recognize the man he’s become.

"He’s no longer the person who I married."

Edwards admitted her shock by Hunter’s bawdy pictorial layout in GQ mag and ultimate sit down tell-all with OPRAH.  "And I didn’t watch the whole thing. But I did watch some of it. And it’s impossible not to."

"I still think this person is so completely unlike me that it’s hard to imagine the same person could marry me and be attracted to that woman, as well,"

But E-Liz found solace in the amazing travails of SANDRA BULLOCK‘s wild rollercoaster that spun out of control the night after she won the Oscar and was faced with a tat-loving, Nazi salutin’ loose cannon in his pants hubby, Jesse James.

"What an incredible year she’s had," Edwards said  "And yet, the stories you hear are not about all those great successes, but about the failure of her marriage.

"I thought that’s not who she is.

"I don’t know her, but I assume she wants to reclaim who she is in the same way I want to reclaim who I am."

As The ENQUIRER reported previously, under North Carolina state law, couples must be separate for a full year before a divorce can be finalized.

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