Reportedly, livid ELIN is trying to wrest $750 million from TIGER to buy her silence in the divorce negotiations.

The Chicago Sun Times says that while the unrepentant King of Swing hasn’t offically  agreed to a divorce yet, he wants total silence from his cuckolded wife. 

So far, Elin’s lawyers have said a big “NO” to a lifetime confidentially agreement that would prevent her from doing a tell-all or any interviews post-divorce that would thrust their dirtiest linen into the public eye.

It would be like the big payoff The ENQUIRER reported that Tiger mistress Rachel Uchitel received from Team Tiger to keep her mouth shut.

Reports now say Elin wants full custody of their kids after it was initially believed they would share joint custody.

Sources told the Chicago tab that divorce negotiations have “turned extremely testy” and their cold war of nerves is about to go ballistic.