Tiger Wood’s wife Elin will move back in with the disgraced King of Swing.

RadarOnline.com reports exclusively that after three months of estrangement, Elin has agreed to move home with Tiger.

In a marriage  that was heading for implosion after Tiger was linked with at least 14 women and exposed as a serial cheater during his marriage, it’s a big step forward after two stints in rehab.

But after going away with Tiger and their two children last week, Elin agreed earlier this week to move back home.

She is currently renting  a house about a mile from the home they previously shared.

On Wednesday, Elin and Tiger spent approximately three hours together at the house where they will again again live together. They were in the backyard, and a source close to the situation revealed that at one point Tiger kissed Elin on the cheek three times and they hugged.

Yet Elin still has not enhanced her ring finger with their wedding band leaving the potent putter watchers to speculate whether Tiger remains in the dog house, straining at his post-rehab leash.

Regardless, there’s no Gatorade in his dog dish anymore