ANDREW YOUNG, the prosecution’s key witness in JOHN EDWARDS' trial may have engaged in some hard-core “witness tampering”.

U.S. District Court Judge Catherine C. Eagles ruled that Edwards lawyers can mention that former Edwards loyalist Young, who first claimed paternity of the disgraced politician’s love child, called three other witnesses during the past two weeks.

Judge Eagles barred them from using the term "witness tampering" or telling the jury that Young had a one-night stand with one of the other witnesses in 2007.

Edwards sat silently in the courtroom Monday morning as the lead federal prosecutor charged him with being a man who would say or do anything to get elected president — including violating federal law to orchestrate a conspiracy of silence.

"It wasn't just a marriage on the line," prosecutor David Harbach said. "If the affair went public it would destroy his chance of becoming president, and he knew it. …He made a choice to break the law." Federal prosecutors characterize Edwards as a "master manipulator".

The NATIONAL ENQUIRER FIRST reported Edwards cheating and his subsequent cover-up in a series of exhaustive investigative reports beginning in 2007.

Edwards’ defense team told the jury that most of the money went not to support Hunter, but was siphoned off by Young and his wife to build a $1.5 million "dream home" near Chapel Hill.

Edwards has repeatedly denied knowing about the money, which paid for private jets, luxury hotels and his then-pregnant Hunter's medical care.

He also denied having an affair, labeling The ENQUIRER as “tabloid trash,” denied paternity of the love child and after The ENQUIRER hammered home the truth of his malfeasance, then later came clean to the American public.

Edwards mistress is expected to be a witness for the defense.

Two of the campaign donors who gave Edwards money for the $1 million cover-up late Dallas money man Fred Baron is dead and 101 year- old Listerine heiress Rachel “Bunny” Mellon has reputedly been deposed via video as she is too frail to testify in person.

Beltway speculation is now rife with who Young had the one night stand with but smart money says not Rielle.  Insiders suspect it may be former Edwards’ speechwriter Wendy Buttons who was ordered by the judge to turn over all her papers regarding the campaign to investigators last week.

Two of the newest members of Edwards legal team represented his mistress Hunter in her sex tape civil lawsuit against Young.

While the tape depicting Edwards and Hunter engaged in oral sex was ordered destroyed in the civil case it is believed that the FBI has long had a copy and it may be presented as evidence for the prosecution.