JOHN EDWARDS’ romance with his former mistress Rielle Hunter is back on!

The disgraced former presi­dential candidate, 59, is moving the blonde divorcee, 48, and their 4-year-old love child closer to his palatial North Carolina spread, sources say.

Just three months ago, when Ed­wards escaped jail on campaign fraud charges, Rielle publicly announced that while they’d continue to parent their daughter Frances Quinn togeth­er, their romantic relationship was over.

“But now it’s clear they can’t live without one another,” a source told The ENQUIRER. “Rielle is packing her bags and moving near John’s big house in Chapel Hill.”

Edwards had been making a nearly three-hour drive to Rielle’s home in Charlotte to see her and Quinn. But according to sources, he tired of the long commute and hatched a plan to get his fractured family closer together.

“John asked Rielle to move closer so he could look after their daughter Quinn more often,” said the source. “Rielle’s dream is that in time she’ll move into John’s house.”

Shockingly, that’s the same home where Edwards lived with his late wife Elizabeth until she lost her brave battle with breast cancer on Dec. 7, 2010.

For now, Rielle will be living in a separate place nearby. Even so, the former Democratic senator may soon be regretting his decision to move her into the area.

Elizabeth was so well-loved in Chapel Hill that Rielle may as well wear a scarlet letter ‘A’ on her chest,” said the source. “She’s go­ing to have a tough time fitting in.”