JOHN EDWARDS’ former mistress Rielle Hunter has hit rock bottom – she’s broke, depressed and living like a recluse as the disgraced former presidential candidate runs around with a sexy single mom.

In a bombshell world exclusive, The ENQUIRER reported last month that 60-year-old Edwards has been secretly involved with 35-year-old medical worker Danielle King.

Since recently learning of the romance, 49-year-old Rielle, who was hoping to become the next Mrs. Edwards, “has been wallowing in her own misery,” revealed a close source. She’s raising her 5-year-old love child with Edwards, Frances Quinn, and complains that she can’t squeeze by on the $5,000-a-month he pays her. So sources say she made a desperate, last-ditch effort to win him back after learning about his new girlfriend.

But the ex-senator is said to still be seething over her plans to publish another tell-all memoir and told her to take a hike.

“Rielle is lonely and says no one will hire her,” revealed the insider.

“But John cruelly told her he was done with her and that she needed to find another sucker to leach off. He’ll take care of their daughter, but he’s through putting up with her shenanigans.

“Rielle sobbed and threatened to do something drastic, but John didn’t buy it and just coldly walked away and back into the arms of his new girlfriend.”

As The ENQUIRER reported, Edwards’ relationship with King is already so close that she’s become like a surrogate mom to his two youngest children with his late wife Elizabeth.

”Now Rielle barely gets out of bed and doesn’t shower for days,” said the source. “Still, John worries she has something up her sleeve and will attempt to derail his new lease on life.”