JOHN EDWARDS is so concerned about his 15-year-old wild child Emma Claire that he’s planning to ship her off to boarding school, says an insider.

The teen has been hit  with a double whammy – her dad’s embarrassing affair and her beloved mom Elizabeth’s death from cancer at age 61 in 2010.

“Emma Claire hasn’t been the same since her mom died,” a family source told The ENQUIRER.

“John’s hoping a new school will curb her unruly conduct.”

As The ENQUIRER exclusively reported early this year, Emma Claire raised eyebrows when she posted images of herself flashing her middle finger on her Twitter page and in her comments sounded like she was a boy-crazy party girl.

 Her most alarming post was a picture that appeared to be her with a caption that read: “Oh yeah, I F****** love cocaine.”

“She’s out of control,” declared the source.

“She’s been hanging out with kids who drink and smoke pot, and she’s become more and more belligerent with her father.

"The family fears she’s getting back at John for all the heartache he’s caused.

"John’s got no one to blame but himself.

"Emma Claire may have a chip on her shoulder, but he’s the one who helped put it there.”