The ENQUIRER has learned that the judge in the JOHN EDWARDS- RIELLE-HUNTER sex tape war has issued a gag order meaning all lips MUST BE sealed OR ELSE!

In Hillsborough, North Carolina where the legal war is waging, Superior Court Judge Carl Fox want to make sure pre-trial testimony and a certain sex tape featuring the disgraced two-time Presidential loser John Edwards and his then-pregnant with his love child mistress Rielle Hunter isn’t screened on your TV anytime soon – whether on Nightline or a Pay-For-View Sex-vent.

"Once this is out, it’s out. There’s not a whole lot for me to do," Judge Fox decreed. "The next thing I know, someone’s sitting on the television in front of Barbara Walters or somebody like that."

As The ENQUIRER reported online yesterday Fox ruled that the depositions in Rielle Hunter’s invasion-of-privacy suit against former loyalist Andrew Young remain confidential.

He ordered lawyers in the case to keep videotaped interviews in their possession or be liable for prosecution themselves.

"If it should come to this court’s attention that it’s being exploited for any reason in the media, I won’t hesitate to use the court’s contempt authority," he said.

"Money is not a punishment here, so we would be talking about [jail] time. This is not grist for the media mill."

Included in Fox’s order is a future deposition of John Edwards himself, who is not a party in the case but has been subpoenaed as a witness.

"Sen. Edwards hasn’t given any interviews about this, and his videotaped depositions … would have a great deal of commercial value to Mr. Young," said Edwards lawyer Jim Cooney.

Meanwhile as The ENQUIRER reported in series of exhaustive reports the former Senator has other legal problems to contend with.  He’s still being probed by a secret Federal Grand Jury investigation into an alleged misuse of Presidential campaign funds to payoff his mistress, bankrolling a conspiracy of silence. 

Edwards may also be liable for obstructing justice and possible witness tampering, The Raleigh News Observer has reported.

New witnesses have been called in to testify and it is rumored that Edwards own wife, cancer-stricken Elizabeth Edwards, may be subpoenaed as well.

Both Edwards’ mistress and the mother of his love child, Rielle Hunter, and Andrew Young have both testified before the Federal Grand Jury probe. 

The ENQUIRER previously reported that a copy of the Edwards-Hunter sex tape, considered a key piece of evidence, is in possession of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.