Washington DC Insider bombshell — If John Edwards had won the nomination, his staff had a "Doomsday" planned to wreck the campaign!

After the ENQUIRER first broke the worldwide exclusive that John Edwards was embroiled in an affair in 2007, it took two months for  Edwards staffers to finally begin to doubt their boss despite heated denials to the media.

despite the fact most campaigns are fought shoulder to shoulder in cramped jets and buses, no one seemed to notice the smoldering affection between the candidate and his official videographer/ mistress Rielle Hunter?

Since Edwards’ staffers felt that the candidacy was a long shot by December they did nothing to force the issue of his suspected infidelity but,  according to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos,  as loyal Democrats they had developed a secret self-immolating Doomsday scenario to sabotage the campaign.

They had planned to leak the affair to the mainstream media if things had started going well for Edwards as would his presumed Republican opponent rather than allow Democrats to be burdened with yet another sex scandal in full view of the world. 

Now in 2009, under the gun from two divisive fronts –  mistress Hunter’s demands for him to submit to a DNA test  and also the subject of a federal grand jury investigation into possible misuse of campaign funds as hush money — Edwards can wonder which of his trusted aides was plotting to betray him then.

And which aides have betrayed him now to the grand jury?