“DWTS” Feud Explodes!

“DWTS” Feud Explodes! thumbnail

There’s a bitter behind-the-scenes battle brewing between “Dancing with the Stars” contestants NeNe Leakes and Candace Cameron Bure!

It all started when “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe questioned Candace about the “Full House” cutie’s admission that she plays a submissive role in her marriage to former pro hockey star Valeri Bure.

When Candace, 38, explained that she’s a devout Christian, NeNe shot back: “You’re saying I’m not?”

NeNe got more irate after she learned that Candace’s brother, “Growing Pains” actor Kirk Cameron, has said that homosexuality is “unnatural” and “destructive.”

And to top it off, Candace came out in support of the fast-food chain Chick-fil-A when it was being boycotted for its CEO’s anti-gay marriage comments.

NeNe, 46, is an outspoken advocate of same-sex marriage and a close friend of openly gay TV producer Ryan Murphy, who has cast her on two TV shows, including “Glee.”

“NeNe’s upset because she thinks Kirk runs his mouth against gays and that Candace is party to all that,” said a source. “And she’s let Candace know it.

“Early on, NeNe and Candace did some interviews together for TV, but it was clear there was no love lost between them. They were like oil and water – they didn’t mix!

Now, Candace is trying to keep her distance from NeNe. “Producers spoke to NeNe about it, and she laughed, saying, ‘Oh, this little diva is scared of little ole me?’ She knows she’s get- ting Candace’s goat.”

But Candace may get the last laugh – she’s currently beating NeNe on the leaderboard. NeNe getting the boot, said the source, “would be sweet revenge for Candace.”