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BRISTOL PALIN aced out BRANDY to face off against JENNIFER GREY and KYLE MASSEY in the Dancing With Stars final showdown.  Her advancement prompts additional charges of "FIX!"

Brandy scored perfect points for her Argentine tango only to learn she’d be going home.

Derek Hough‘s jaw dropped at the announcement that the singer /actress would be packing her bags.

"I don’t know how to feel right now," she said. "It hasn’t processed yet for me."

Moments later, she was crying.

As THE ENQUIRER reported yesterday the internet was ablaze with conspiratorial speculation that Bristol who has consistently placed at the bottom of judge’s scoring has remained a contender.

Many have suggested that viewers who vote –  possibly supporters of mom Sarah Palin – are voting en masses and manipulating the results.

Yet both Palins have denied any organized vote-getting tactics.

Bristol Palin, 20, says viewers like her her despite lead footed perfs "because I started with no experience in dancing or performing at all, and I’ve come a long way."

"People do connect with me because they think I’m real and I’m not typical Hollywood," she claimed.

More likely, the votes are being manipulated by the network as a ratings ploy to increase not only viewer numbers but creating a buzz.

Meanwhile, the smart money is on Patrick Swayze‘s Dirty Dancing costar Jennifer Grey for the disco ball trophy.