Former “American Idol” champ Fantasia Bar­rino is heartbroken after being ditched by her baby daddy, and close pals fear she could harm herself.

“Fantasia’s friends are bracing for the worst,” disclosed an insider.

“She isn’t coping well with be­ing dumped and she’s saying crazy things, like she can’t go on living without her man and that her life is over.”

The 29-year-old Season 3 “Idol” winner’s problems began when she got involved with a married man, Antwaun Cook.

She overdosed on aspirin and a sleep aid in August 2010, just one day after Cook’s wife Paula filed a court complaint alleging that Fan­tasia carried on a then-year-long affair with Antwaun.

Fantasia later admitted that she’d gotten pregnant by Cook and secretly had an abortion.

Despite that, the talented entertainer – who also has a 12-year-old daughter – gave birth to Antwaun’s son Dallas in December 2011.

“Fantasia thought that by having a child with Antwaun, she’d ensure he’d never reunite with Paula,” said the insider.

“But she was dead wrong. The parental responsibilities actually scared Antwaun away, and he nev­er stopped secretly communicating with Paula.”

The two began growing closer, and Antwaun abandoned Fantasia on Thanksgiving to spend time with Paula and their two children, according to the source.

“Just a few weeks before Christ­mas, Antwaun told Fantasia their relationship was over for good,” said the insider.

“She’s been crying nonstop ever since and can barely get out of bed. Fantasia keeps muttering that this is karma coming back to bite her because she stole Antwaun from Paula.”

Fantasia has had a rough road since shooting to stardom in 2004. She’s admitted to battling depres­sion, suffered from a throat tumor in 2008, and struggled with a home foreclosure and business troubles that left her financially unstable.

As The ENQUIRER reported in early 2013, friends feared the singer was headed for a breakdown after she went on a shocking anti-gay rant on a social media site.

“Right now, Fantasia can’t see the forest for the trees,” said the source.

“She believes that no man will ever love her with the passion and intensity that Antwaun did. But their affair was one big lie, and Fantasia simply can’t figure out how to pick up the pieces of her life.

“For the time being, Fantasia’s friends are watching her like a hawk. They’re hoping the new year brings her new hope and a new purpose for living.”