Duggars Get Yer Gun!

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Serial impregnators DUGGARS spark new controversy as BF posts pic of gun totin’ daughter Jessa.

And it would appear that her gun-loving, abortion hating boyfriend is going to fit right in with her uber-conservative clan.

The “stars” of “19 Kids And Countin” Michelle and Bob Duggard are not only outspoken anti-abortionists, 2nd Amendment “Right to Bear Arms” lovers but they’re making damn sure their kids are following in their controversial footsteps.

Jessa’s “courting” of Ben Seewald has been a prominent story line on 19 Kids and Counting, RadarOnline reported, but he ignited a conflagration of controversy.

On his Facebook page  he posted a picture of his girlfriend holding what appears to be an automatic rifle, which many commenters claimed is a .22.

 “My AWESOME girlfriend. #DontmesswithJessa,” Seewald wrote, and while many commenters complained about the provocative picture, many were supportive in their responses.

“Only extremists think that weapons kill people, get your facts straight, a person has to pull the trigger. For the time being we have the right to bear arms!” one person wrote.

Another had a different opinion, writing: “Wow, would Jesus carry that weapon?”

Blessed are the beasts  —  AND the children?