THE DUGGARS just keep on popping out kids like nobody else’s business!   The tiniest Duggar, miracle baby, Josie is celebrating her first birthday today and her mom Michelle tells ALL in an exclusive interview about the happy  milestone!

"We are just so excited and we’re so grateful to God to have her," Michelle the star of 19 Kids and Counting told RadarOnline.com.

"Reaching this landmark occasion her first birthday, I look back at the pictures and the video footage from the beginning to now and it an incredible journey."

Michelle, the mother to ALL 19 children, said Josie Brooklyn now weighs a healthy 15 pounds 12 ounces, and is wearing baby clothes for a six month old.

The "littlest little" as Josie is called is like a "chunky little peanut," her mom said.

She said, "You know that song I’m a little teapot short and stout? Well that could be her little song! She is definitely short and plump now, she’s got all these little rolls, it is so cute."

Dad Jim Bob and the older Duggar kids are off on a mission in Hondorus and El Salvador, Guatemala; and won’t return until December 15, which has delayed a big BIG birthday party for their littlest.

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