DUCK DY­NASTY’s  Uncle Si Robertson nearly sparked a redneck ruckus after he ogled a beauty at New York Fashion Week!

Si was at Trump Tower in New York with his nephews Willie and Jep as Willie’s 16-year-old daughter Sadie made her fashion debut. But after a photographer caught camo-clad Si leering at another leggy lovely on the catwalk, his backwoods buddies feared his wandering eye would land him in the doghouse with his wife of 42 years, Christine.

“We thought for sure that Christine would be angry when she saw Si ogling that model,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

“When Si got home, Christine did shake a finger at him, and he was con­vinced that he was in trouble. He tried to tell Christine that all he did was look and he was really just admiring the clothes.

“But Christine couldn’t keep a straight face and burst out laughing. Si was relieved. But then in typical Uncle Si style, he strutted around say­ing that he couldn’t help it if beautiful young women are attracted to him.

“After all, he told Christine, he’s a babe magnet. It was so funny.”

Bearded  Si, 65, and the rest of the Robertson clan have smashed TV records, attracting an astonishing 12 million viewers to the A&E show that features their homespun wisdom and wildly successful business selling duck calls.

The insider added: “The truth is that Si is deeply in love with Chris­tine and has been since they met. He’s always called her the woman of his dreams.