“Duck Dynasty” Wives Twisted Lives Revealed!

“Duck Dynasty” Wives Twisted Lives Revealed! thumbnail

The God-fearing “Duck Dynasty” clan has a shocking history of boozing, cheating, pot smoking and even child abuse! And it’s all being revealed in a blockbuster new book that rips the lid off the ups and downs of the wacky but close-knit and devout Christian family.

Titled “The Women of Duck Commander: Surprising Insights from the Women Behind the Beards About What Makes This Family Work, the sensational tell-all is written by Miss Kay Robertson and her daughters-in-law Korie, Missy, Jessica and Lisa Robertson – and The ENQUIRER has a sneak peek.

In the first bombshell, Miss Kay – wife of family patriarch Phil Robertson – reveals how his boozing and suspicions that she’d cheated on him nearly drove her to kill herself.

Kay, who married Phil at age 15, says she avoided booze because her mother was an alcoholic. But her husband hit the bottle hard and, during one of his alcohol- fueled rages, he accused Kay of having an affair. She was so distressed over it she admits contemplating suicide.

An enraged Phil actually kicked Kay and their kids out of their home in West Monroe, La. But Phil eventually “came to God” after meeting with Bill Smith, a pastor of White’s Ferry Road Church, and his wife.

Meanwhile, Korie reveals that before the clan hit it big with their Duck Commander business and hit A&E show, she and husband Willie were so poor that they did their laundry at a friend’s house.

Korie also discloses that she met her future father-in-law Phil when she was in fifth grade. Back then, Phil told Korie that his sons would make excellent husbands, and she should keep her eye on them.

“It’s clear Phil was scouting for wives for his boys even when they were in grade school,” noted a source.

And while Alan – the clan’s “beardless brother” – became a minister, he was a bad boy back in high school, regularly boozing and smoking pot. Alan turned into such an unholy terror that Phil and Miss Kay kicked him out of their house. 

In the book’s most shocking revelation, Alan’s wife Lisa reveals that she was sexually abused between the ages of 7 and 14.

Her abuser was a member of her extended family and had major drug and alcohol problems. “The molestation has hung over Alan’s wife her entire life,” said a source.

Lisa also writes that the couple struggled during the late 1990s when she cheated on Alan for more than a year. He eventually ordered Lisa to leave and explain the reason to their daughters.

Phil counseled Alan not to get back together with Lisa, but the couple reconciled two months later.

Jason Robertson, known as Jase, started dating his wife Missy when she was 16 and he was 18, according to the book. But the teenage lovebirds didn’t have sex until their wedding night. 

With the amazing popularity of “Duck Dynasty,” Missy writes that Jase has been hit on by many women, but hasn’t strayed.

A source said: “Now that the women have opened up and spilled all their secrets, it’s going to put pressure on the men to disclose their… wild times in detail.”