Handicapped woman’s sister blasts Tinsel Town cutie as canine imbroglio ends in tears.

VIOLET BLASSINGAME says her mentally disabled sister’s heart is broken after her dog was wrongly confiscated by animal control – and she blames the whole tragic situation on Drew Barrymore!

According to Violet, Drew and Adam Sandler were visiting residents of Gainesville, Ga., in a good will effort while filming “The Familymoon” there.

But Violet says her sister Nancy Halpin’s excitement quickly turned to horror when animal control showed up at her door soon after Drew’s visit and said the actress had called them to complain that the collar on her mixed-breed dog was too tight.

“Nancy almost died of a brain infection a year ago,” Violet, 62, told The ENQUIRER. “It left her with only half of her brain, and she has to have nurses come out to the house to check on her regularly.

“These nurses got very close to my sister and they gave her the dog, Gus, as a gift about  six months ago to keep her company.

“The dog’s collar may have been a little too tight and caused a sore, but instead of Drew pointing that out to my sister or my mother, she called animal control and they took the dog from her!”

The family didn’t have the money to pay the imposed fine, so they can’t get the dog back, says Violet, adding that Nancy is devastated.

Although Drew may have believed she was helping out a pet, Violet doesn’t see it that way.

“It was a sneaky and cruel thing to do to my sister,” Violet huffed. “I will NEVER forgive Drew for it!”