Published on: March 21, 2003

"Charlie's Angel" star Drew Barrymore has had a devil of a time finding the right guy -- but she says her love life is beyond her control.

"Love doesn't necessarily come in the package that you were hoping for," says Drew. "It just shows up -- like something from FedEx -- and all you have to do is decide if you're going to sign for it."

For nearly six wild months, Drew was married to nutty TV comic Tom Green, and even nursed him through a bout of testicular cancer.

"The heart chooses what the heart wants and sometimes we can't rationalize it," the 28-year-old star told an interviewer.

"We don't always know what's going on when we're in the middle of something tumultuous."

Life has always been an adventure for Drew, who debuted in a TV commercial at 11 months and did her first movie at 4.

For many years, the talented actress appeared headed for an early burnout. She started drinking at age 9, was smoking marijuana at 10 and was snorting cocaine by the time she turned 12.

At age 14, she attempted suicide.

Now, after struggling successfully to overcome her problems, the once bedeviled Angel quips, "Look, most teenagers go through an awkward phase -- mine just lasted five years!"