Violent arguments tore apart Drew Barrymore’s five-month marriage to comedian Tom Green — and even marriage counseling couldn’t save it.

“Their relationship was so violent they were in marriage counseling within three months of the wedding — with Drew complaining Tom shoved her in a fight,” revealed a close pal.

“Even Drew’s drug counselor begged her not to marry Tom because it was not a healthy relationship. A week before the wedding, friends were pleading with Drew not to wed Tom.”

Out-of-control jealousy drove the fatal wedge between the two, say sources. The offbeat comedian grew so tired of being “Mr. Barrymore,” he gave the boot to one of the most successful and beautiful stars in Hollywood.

“Call Tom green with envy,” said a pal. “He found out quickly that he was always going to be second banana to Drew.

“He had a major bomb in ‘Freddy Got Fingered’ while Drew had a huge hit with ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and had critics raving over her performance in ‘Driving in Cars with Boys.’

“She’s one of the most in-demand actresses — with three or four movies out in the next year. But Tom is still a cult figure, pretty much unknown across the country. He really is ‘Mr. Drew Barrymore’ to most people — and that rankles him.”

To make matters worse, Drew is an “A” list celebrity — in demand at Hollywood parties — but Tom rarely gets the same welcome mat.

“Drew wanted to go out all the time and bask in the glow of her fame and critical raves — while Tom withdrew after his movie ‘Freddy’ bombed and wanted to spend time alone with Drew,” said the pal.

“He found it hard to share her with the rest of the world. They squabbled about it, and Tom decided to call it quits.”

In his divorce papers his lawyers filed December 17, Tom cited “irreconcilable differences,” but insiders insist the far-out comic’s ego had taken a battering and he desperately needed to exert his independence.

“The thinking in Hollywood is that without Drew’s helping hand Tom would be nowhere,” divulged a source close to the couple.

“All of this got to Tom. He grew more and more distant. While Drew is always upbeat and fun, Tom got moodier and more depressed. The two tried to talk things out, but Tom’s ego was shattered.

“Drew is dumbfounded by the divorce action — she’s been blindsided.”

Other factors helped drive the last nail into the marriage.

For years Drew’s eccentric behavior and her ultimately victorious battle with drugs made headlines — but Tom grew tired of her “sometimes downright nutty behavior,” confided a Hollywood insider.

“For instance, after Drew’s Beverly Hills home burned down February 18, she refused to sleep for months afterward without the lights blazing in their bedroom.”

Drew became completely unglued after the terrorist attacks on September 11, added the insider.

She canceled a flight to New York to host “Saturday Night Live” — then rescheduled it for the next day. “Tom tried to soothe her jagged nerves but he got tired of being her nursemaid,” said the insider.

On top of everything else, Tom, who’s 30, wanted to settle down and start a family, but Drew, who’s only 26, just wasn’t ready, confided a source.

“At one point Drew lashed out at Tom accusing him of trying to keep her barefoot and pregnant in an attempt to keep her from being more successful than him.

“Tom actually thought Drew would be glad to have babies and stay at home — boy, was he wrong!”

Despite their basic incompatibility, the two grew very close when Tom was battling testicular cancer last year, says a source.

“It was a very emotional experience. Drew slept by his bedside. She felt responsible for Tom’s well-being and for keeping him well. Deep down she knew there might be problems down the road, but she was trying to do the right thing for Tom.

“But after they married, Tom expected more and more attention and was insecure and needy. The strain became too much.”

Drew will bounce back from being dumped, assure her friends.

“Her pals think she’ll be fine,” concluded the source close to the couple. “She’s young, she’s smart and she’s beautiful. She can have her pick of any guy she wants.”