Multiple reports say KHLOE KARDASHIAN has cut off LAMAR’S cash flow but the wiley accused cheater is said to be hocking jewelry to pay for his habit.

Khloe is fighting for hubby Lamar Odom’s’s life as he is accused of cheating with multiple lovers and doing drugs and so is taking drastic measures to try and stop his destructive behavior by cutting off their joint credit cards as reports surface of him pawning jewelry to pay for his drugs.

Although both of them are worth millions from their reality show, product endorsements and his formerly lucrative basketball career, Khloe is doing everything she can to stop her husband from spiraling out of control, RadarOnline reported.

“Khloe put a hold on all their credit cards so he couldn’t get cash,” an insider told media.

Reportedly, Lamar was blowing through $800 a day on his drug habit and now Khloe is trying to stop the financial hemorrhaging to keep him from destroying his life.

While the Kardashians normally(?)  air all of their dirty laundry on their reality show, Khloe has taken  a week off filming against her K Klan queen bee Kris Jenner’s wishes.

Nothing has been lensed  yet  about Lamar’s troubles, but naturally the plan is to have it on the show.