Just in time for summer, TV's Dr. Oz has a new how-to guide for losing those pesky pounds!

Dr. Oz and his partner Michael F. Roizen have broken down the keys to a successful weight loss program in an easy-to-understand new book, YOU: Losing Weight: The Owner's Manual to Simple and Healthy Weight Loss.

Based on the idea that there are no shortcuts when it comes to shedding pounds, the book explains that it just takes time AND the smarts to do it right.

The duo explains why crash dieting can't work for the long term and share their favorite weight-loss super-foods and exercise suggestions on how to get the most from any workout.

There's also food plans, delicious recipes, 99 weight-loss tricks and the ultimate 20-minute, fat-blasting workout!

AND the best part? The YOU: Losing Weight paperback is only $8.99 on Amazon.com!