Published on: April 4, 2011
Photography by: Celebrity Rehab/VH1
Dr. Drew Pinsky

With new show set to preem Dr. DREW PINSKY claims he’s NOT addicted – to fame.

In a stunning no-holds-barred interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Dr. Drew sets thr the record straight.

Pinsky, who’s media empire includes his new HLN talk show to a radio call-in show "Loveline," the VH1 reality hit Celebrity Rehab and new daytime programmer Lifechangers, Dr. Drew shows no signs of slowing down as he helps patients battle their addictions. 

Q: You’ve gotten some flak before for presenting a diagnosis of celebrities who you weren’t treating, including LINDSAY LOHAN, Does that concern you? 

Pinsky: It’s bizarre to me that you can have political commentators, sports commentators, weather commentators, but with medicine, people go, "You can't do that."

It’s like, if you show me a picture of a rash, I don't have to know the person to tell you what that rash is. There are lots of medical conditions that you can diagnose never having met the person.

Q: Are you addicted to fame?  

Pinsky: “I could take it or leave it. I was very resistant to being on television… I never wanted it to interfere with my day job.

“Then…I realized that I've had these amazing opportunities and that maybe I should use TV to change the culture, so I spent the next 10 years shrinking my medical practice and developing partnerships where I could flexibly move around.

“And I've spent the past two to three years really focusing on TV and radio. That's the next stage of my career, if it involves a public life or fame, so be it. I don't know any other way of doing it, frankly.

“I'm not addicted to it – it’s just my job now.”