As he bravely battles for life, cancer-stricken MICHAEL DOUGLAS is suffering more heartache – he’s terrified that his imprisoned drug dealing son CAMERON will suffer violent reprisals for his being a snitch after he ratted out his suppliers to the Feds.

The ENQUIRER has learned that 31-year-old Cameron has been given a new work assignment at the United States Penitentiary in Lewisburg – and it will put him in direct contact with the prison’s most dangerous inmates.

The drug-plagued would-be actor began serving a five-year sentence nearly seven months ago after being convicted of conspiring to sell crystal meth and for heroin possession.

Cameron is incarcerated in the minimum security section of the Pennsylvania facility, but the change in his work duties is expected to land him elbow-to-elbow with vicious, violent prisoners, say sources.

The violent cons KNOW that Cameron turned state’s evidence – meaning a snitch!

And THAT may mark him for death!

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