Hollywood’s first family of machismo Kirk Douglas and son Michael tend to their wounds.

Michael Douglas who just OK’d Wall Street sequel with director Oliver Stone confirmed knee surgery after being spotted limping around the set of his latest Solitary Man.

"I had my knee replaced, I have an artificial knee," Michael confided. "A little bit of Pvc, plastic pipes with titanium rods. It’s four weeks old."

But Michael’s dad Hollywood legend Kirk had no sympathy for his son.

"After this fairly serious operation, I go see him and he said, ‘How you doing?’ and I said, ‘Pretty good dad’, and he goes, ‘You know, when I had my double knee replacement, I was 88!’"

But that was before Kirk, 92, broke his foot in his Beverly Hills mansion.  Being the tough guy he still is the one-time Champion star didn’t see a doc until the next day!

"I must be clumsy. I was sitting on a chair dictating to my assistant Grace, I got up out of the chair, stumbled and fell against the wall. My foot was painful but I thought it would go away," Kirk blogged on MySpace.

"The next day it got worse and my wife made me see a doctor. I was surprised to learn that I broke a bone in my foot and now I have to wear a heavy boot for a month!"