DO’H! — MAGGIE SPEAKS! thumbnail

The forever silent daughter of Homer and Marge Simpson utters her first words in the new blockbuster feature The Simpsons Movie.

And The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively that the film’s writers have set themselves up for more features to come when 2-year-old Maggie utters “SEQUEL!” in the film’s closing credits.

“Leave it to creator Matt Groening, producers James Brooks and Sam Simon, and their clever team to make the big leap from TV to film and open up a whole new era for the 20-year-old cartoon,” said an insider. “Early word is that the movie is a smash, and there are many more features to follow.

“And it’s all launched when little Maggie takes the pacifier out of her mouth long enough to utter one simple word.”

The Simpsons Movie is due out July 27 after a special yellow carpet premiere with the filmmakers in Springfield, Vt., on July 21.