"I would rather undergo the scrutiny of The National ENQUIRER than an interrogation by Beth," Duane Dog  the Bounty Hunter Chapman admits after ugly blow-up with wife Beth Chapman.

An enraged Beth Chapman exploded in a two-day, high-volume stream of profanity aimed at Dog during a domestic war at their home in Oahu, Hawaii, sources told the ENQUIRER.

"Beth was screaming, ‘Get the (bleep) out of this house! I’m calling the cops!’" said someone who heard the melee.

"She called him every filthy name in the book. It was so loud it sounded like she was using a megaphone."

Dog left the house in the afternoon, but he returned the next day.

Beth was in no mood to take him back, said the ear-witness.

"Beth started screaming, ‘Get the hell out of MY house.’

"Dog tried to call someone on a cell phone, but Beth snatched it away from him, screaming, ‘This is MY phone! You don’t touch this phone. Get your (bleep) out of here! I’ll call the cops.’"

The next day, a dejected-looking Dog was seen standing outside the closed gate of his family home. He was shirtless and smoking a cigarette.

Beth’s anger stemmed from a bizarre incident involving a stripper that occurred a few days earlier, a source close to the couple told The ENQUIRER.

The bounty hunter was staying at the Le Parc Suite Hotel in West Hollywood by himself after missing a flight back home to Hawaii.

He answered a knock on the door of his room to find a young woman standing there who said that someone had called from the room for a stripper.

Dog told her that he had made no such call and asked her to leave, said the source. But the stripper and her burly bodyguard refused to go, demanding Dog pay them a "cancellation fee."

The woman claimed that she was summoned by somebody calling from Dog’s room, but the hotel confirms that no calls were made from the room.

Things got heated when Dog continued to insist the pair leave his room.

"It was a crazy situation," said the source. "The bodyguard and the woman were yelling.

"The bodyguard kept on shouting, demanding money, but Dog refused to pay him or the stripper anything."

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