Published on: June 17, 2013
Photography by: Warner Bros.

The Beast From Leo D’s living room makes monkey out of itchy-footed Gatsby star.

Leonardo DiCaprio put his moving plans on hold due to a 100-million-year-old problem – the fate of his beloved dinosaur!

 “The Great Gatsby” star, 38, got the ancient fossil as a gift, but a source says he dropped a bundle installing it in his Hollywood Hills home.

“Leo’s had some huge parties at his house, and he was thinking of selling it after things got a bit tense with his neighbors over his latenight basketball games,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

But after a recent appraisal showed his dinosaur is actually worth more than his $13 million spread, the source said: “Leo’s not moving.

"Instead, he’s making nice with the neighbors.”