DR. PHIL does it AGAIN – claims he wheedled confession out of girlfriend killer. Nope.

CALL him “spin doctor” Phil! TV shrink Dr. Phil McGraw is claiming that he got a Texas man to confess to cops about murder­ing his ex-girlfriend — even though the creep denied it during their sit-down interview!

“Dr. Phil is unbelievable!” said a source who spoke with production associates on McGraw’s daytime gab fest. “He’s absolutely convinced that the guy was so wracked with guilt for lying to him on camera that he crumbled in front of the cops.”

While taping “Dr. Phil” in Texas in late September, computer techni­cian Mark Castellano, 37, insisted he was innocent of the heinous crime.

“DID YOU KILL HER?” Dr. Phil asked. Castellano replied: “No, sir.”

Incredibly, he also showed Dr. Phil his victim Michelle Warner’s car – where he’d temporarily stashed her body – while still denying that he’d had anything to do with her murder.

Less than 48 hours after the taping, Castellano came clean to Houston police, confessing that he’d brutally snapped Michelle’s neck during an argument, and then dumped the 31-year-old’s body in a West Texas oil field.

Castellano has been charged with killing Warner, and is being held on $150,000 bond.

 And this isn’t the only time Dr. Phil has dropped the ball recently. As The ENQUIRER reported, he was blasted for continuing to film Lindsay’s Lo­han’s mother Dina while she suffered a meltdown on camera.

As for the accused killer, he contact­ed a “Dr. Phil” show producer after confessing to the cops, apologized for lying and came clean about his crime.

“Dr. Phil then used the sound bite to make it look like Castellano had con­fessed to him,” said the source. “He’s giving himself full credit for Castel­lano’s confession!”