Did Rock Hudson Become Born Again On His AIDS Ridden Death Bed?!

Did Rock Hudson Become Born Again On His AIDS Ridden Death Bed?! thumbnail
Original "Wheel of Fortune" letter turner makes startling claim that closeted AIDS-stricken ROCK HUDSON received Christ before he died.
Susan Stafford, who was the original hostess of "Wheel of Fortune" prior to Vanna White has revealed how she was present in the star's house in Beverly Hills, when a Catholic priest led Rock Hudson in the "sinner's prayer" to receive Jesus Christ into his life hours before his death aged 59 on Oct. 2, 1985, from complications from AIDS.
Stafford revealed the inside story of Rock Hudson's final hours prior to the  Pat Boone 80th Birthday Celebrity Roast on Sunday, June 1, 2014, The Christian Post’s Dan Wooding reported.
As the ENQUIRER reported previously Pat’s 80th B-day bash was held  to benefit Ryan's Reach, a charity in honor of Pat and Shirley Boone's grandson, Ryan Corbin, who suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2001 and made a miraculous recovery.
Stafford said that after becoming "born again" she ankled the game show. She had just come back from working with leprosy patients in India when pals asked her if she'd help nurse Rock who was dying from AIDS, at his home called "The Castle" in Beverly Hills.
At the tiime Rock was said to be suffering from a “mystery illness” as AIDs or HIV was scarcely known or understood by the general public and seemed carry plague-like connotations. Rock's literal "coming out" shocked fans.
Stafford says she was asked was that she had been working with lepers in both India, and they knew that, to her, "AIDS was not as frightening" to her "as it would be to most Americans at that time."
Stafford said that many "born-again" show biz pals including Pat Boone and his wife and the "Love Boat" captain, Gavin MacLeod and his wife, Patty come by to sit with Rock and share their beliefs and personal faith.
Stafford told The Christian Post that she knew that Rock had been raised a Roman Catholic regardless of his sexual transgressions.
Hours before his death upon Rock’s request, she arranged for Fr. Terrance A. Sweeney, a five-time Emmy Award winning producer and an ex-Jesuit priest, who was ordained on June 15, 1973, to come to Rock's deathbed. 
"The priest arrived, Rock, in a prayer with Fr. Sweeney, accepted our Lord Jesus Christ in his life and then he died shortly afterwards in his own bed on the second floor of the house."