Published on: August 19, 2013
Photography by: Getty

DICK VAN DYKE trapped in flaming car crash on LA freeway – rescued!

Van Dyke, 87, narrowly averted major disaster on an L.A. freeway -- when his Jaguar burst into flames.

The TV legend  was pulled to safety by a fellow highwayman.

Jason Pennington told media said he was driving along Highway 101 when he saw a car belching smoke on the side of the road -- an elderly man hunched over at the wheel, gasping to breathe.

Pennington stopped his car, got out and ran over to discover Dick nearly overcome by noxious fumes.

The good Samaritan ripped the door open and yanked the ailing Van Dyke from the Javuar inferno as flames plumed from the engine.

Reportedly, Dick although slightly dazed did not require medical attention and his wife got the SOS to come and pick him up.