Dick Van Dyke Cracks Wise To Clueless Clerk

Dick & Arlene Van Dyke

DICK VAN DYKE ’s not overly sensitive about being 46 years older than his loving wife ARLENE – and loves to make wisecracks about their age disparity.

Out with Wifey at a bicycle store, the 88-year-old showbiz legend told the salesman they were looking for a pair of bikes for low-key pedaling around their Malibu neighborhood.

“The salesman, noting Dick’s age, suggested he buy a motorized bike,” said My SpyWitness.

“But Dick says, ‘What’s the use in that – I want the exercise!’ The salesman responded, ‘Well, what about your daughter here?’

“Cracking a wide smile, Dick lit into a story in a funny Irish accent about how he’d taught his wee lass to ride a bike so she could pedal to the corner shop for a nickel ice cream!

“Then, when Dick bought two low-rise bicycles, the salesman suddenly woke up and said,

‘I’m an idiot – that’s your wife, right?’

“Smiled Dick: ‘Correct on both counts, sir!’