Dick Van Dyke Cracks Wise To Clueless Clerk

Dick Van Dyke Cracks Wise To Clueless Clerk thumbnail

DICK VAN DYKE ’s not overly sensitive about being 46 years older than his loving wife ARLENE – and loves to make wisecracks about their age disparity.

Out with Wifey at a bicycle store, the 88-year-old showbiz legend told the salesman they were looking for a pair of bikes for low-key pedaling around their Malibu neighborhood.

“The salesman, noting Dick’s age, suggested he buy a motorized bike,” said My SpyWitness.

“But Dick says, ‘What’s the use in that – I want the exercise!’ The salesman responded, ‘Well, what about your daughter here?’

“Cracking a wide smile, Dick lit into a story in a funny Irish accent about how he’d taught his wee lass to ride a bike so she could pedal to the corner shop for a nickel ice cream!

“Then, when Dick bought two low-rise bicycles, the salesman suddenly woke up and said,

‘I’m an idiot – that’s your wife, right?’

“Smiled Dick: ‘Correct on both counts, sir!’