The real reason Queen Elizabeth stepped in at the last minute to halt the robbery trial of Princess Diana’s butler, Paul Burrell, was to prevent him from revealing shocking secrets about Britain’s royal family.

Burrell was charged with stealing over 300 mementos of Diana after her tragic death in 1997.

But the trial was halted just hours before he was scheduled to testify after the Queen ordered Prince Charles to tell police she “suddenly remembered” that the butler had told her he was keeping the mementos to give to Di’s children.

“Burrell’s testimony would have painted the Royals as a bunch of spoiled, vicious, scheming backstabbers who drove Di to the brink of madness,” one royal insider told The ENQUIRER.

“He knows every skeleton in the royal closet!

“Paul Burrell’s been an incredibly loyal servant to the Royals — first to the Queen, then Charles and Di, then Di alone.

“But with his back against the wall and facing jail, he would have had to speak out.”

Here, from royal insiders, are the stunning secrets the butler was about to tell:

  • Prince Charles would hide Camilla in the trunk of a car and smuggle her into his country home for secret sex romps!
  • Prince Philip had a long-standing secret affair with a society beauty young enough to be his daughter.
  • Prince Philip and the Queen Mother sent hate mail to Di after she split with Charles, telling her she wasn’t fit to be a Royal.
  • Charles covered up a gay rape scandal when one of his senior aides was accused of sexually assaulting a young male servant and paid the servant $75,000 in hush money.
  • While Di was negotiating her divorce with Charles, the Royals secretly bugged her apartment to get evidence of secret affairs.
  • Charles constantly bad-mouthed and harped at Di, undermining her self-confidence.
  • After Di’s death her family descended on her apartment and gleefully tried on her clothes.
  • Burrell desperately tried to keep Di’s clothes from her brother, Earl Spencer, because he was convinced Spencer would exhibit them to make money.

“Queen Elizabeth couldn’t bear the thought of these secrets coming out,” said the insider. “That’s why she stepped in to save Burrell.

“The so-called highborn Windsors and Spencers would have come out smelling like rotten fish — and the Queen could not allow that!”