The ENQUIRER exclusively reports Dexter stars’ sexy hook up!

Michael C. Hall who plays Dexter Morgan, the serial killer cop with a conscience, and Jennifer Carpenter, 28, who plays his detective sis Debra Morgan on the Emmy nominated series are living together in secret, sources revealed to The ENQUIRER.

The two started dating last winter while Hall, 37, was waiting to finalize his divorce from his wife of four years, actress Amy Spanger.

"When producers got wind that Michael and Jennifer were a couple, they asked them to keep their relationship under wraps because they feared it would distract viewers from the show’s story line," an insider divulged.

"For months they tried to keep the romance a secret by going to out-of-the-way places and avoiding each other on the set.

"They still refuse to acknowledge they’re in a relationship, but everyone on the set knows they’re together."

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