Anne Hathaway can’t keep away from the devil in her life. LEARN WHY!


The 28-year-old beauty has shocked friends by keeping in con­tact with her jailed ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri – even though she has a hot new romance.

“The two have been exchanging letters, and Raffaello has even been giving business and career advice to Anne from behind bars,” revealed an insider.

Anne split with the 33-year-old Italian real estate developer in 2008 after he was convicted of money-laundering and wire fraud.

He’s currently serving a four-year prison sentence for bilking inves­tors out of millions.

Although Anne has a beau, actor Adam Shulman, 30, she still has deep feelings for the con­victed fraudster, say sources.

“She’s never stopped caring for him and still respects him,” confided the insider.

Anne is grateful to the well-connected wheeler-deal­er, who helped her land a key fashion deal and has been an im­portant career adviser.

“Anne is very much with Adam, but that hasn’t stopped her from reconnecting with Raffa­ello,” said the insider.

The actress dated Raffaello for four years, and pals be­lieve they were destined to wed before he was busted by the FBI.

Friends are now urging her to stay away from the real estate crook, who is expected to be released next year.

But a close source noted: “It’s obvious Anne still has warm feelings for him. As much as she loves Adam, Anne will always have a strong connection to Raffa­ello.”