EGGS-actly! Cops probe JUSTIN BEIBER’s home for evidence in vandalism case.
The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department is searching Justin Bieber's home for evidence in an alleged egg-tossing vandalism case. They have an obtained a search warrant to do so. Nearly a dozen patrol cars showed reportedly armed witha battering ram. 
This is not the first time Bieber has been accused of being a bad neighbor in his posh Hollywood nabe.
Prosecutors declined to charge Bieber in Oct. 2013 after a neighbor complained he drove his car without abandon through the area.
Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore told media Bieber is at home and is being cooperative with investigating detectives.
The singer is under investigation for allegedly throwing eggs at a neighbor's home on Thursday evening.
Whitmore says the search warrant was obtained for a possible felony case because the alleged damage to the neighbor's home was in excess of $400.
It is unclear what they are looking for – a used carton of farm fresh? Of course, if they find drugs… DEVELOPING