As Desperate Housewives begins shooting its second season, producers are trying to rein in cast members’ egos and put a stop to their outrageous demands by posting “Rules of the Neighborhood” sheets around the set.

Insiders from the hit ABC drama told The National Enquirer that show executives are trying to instill some “neighborly” conduct among the stars, Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria, Felicity Huffman, Nicollette Sheridan, and Teri Hatcher.

A set source confided: “Producers printed up a list of rules and tacked them on the doors of each of the stars’ trailers and on the walls of the production offices at both Disney and Universal Studios, where the show is filmed.

“The list was written in a tongue-in-cheek manner but it was meant to be taken seriously. The producers want a neighborly, productive environment on the set.”

The producers’ warnings include “no gossiping on the set,” “no backstabbing” and “no gum chewing on the set.”

The source added: “Producers brought in a huge assortment of games for the cast members to play during the downtime, hoping to create a harmonious atmosphere. They also have an ice cream truck come to the set every day. The execs are bending over backward to make the actresses happy.”

Producers are gearing up for the fall kick-off in September, when the Housewives will hit the talk show circuit to promote the show.

An insider revealed: “Studio execs are trying to head off a potential nightmare — they’re expecting a lot of bickering over who will appear with whom on which shows, who will walk out first, who will wear what, etc.

“But the actresses argue the most over who gets the most screen time. They’re incredibly jealous about who gets what lines, what scenes, which clothes — even about who gets to finish up and go home first.”

Housewives creator-producer Marc Cherry has already had one battle with the divas over the show’s new season. Sources say when rumor spread that Kelly Monaco, the super-sexy winner of Dancing With The Stars, would join the cast, the Housewives put their foot down. Said a show insider: “They all cornered Cherry and told him in no uncertain terms that the welcome wagon wouldn’t be coming out for Kelly.”

Cherry apparently relented, saying: “[Kelly] is probably a fine actress. I just don’t have any plans to use her.”

But he may still be holding out hope that Kelly will join the Housewives on Wisteria Lane, adding: “That doesn’t mean I never, never will [use her].”