TOP SECRET plot to revive “Desperate Housewives” for a reunion special are turning into a nightmare!

The script is still being written, but the ABC hit’s leading ladies – Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman and Marcia Cross – are already battling for face time, says a source.

Now, stressed-out producer Marc Cherry is struggling to keep them all happy.

“All four actresses are scrambling for top billing, which is exactly what happened when the show originally aired,” explained the source, adding that a fifth star, Nicollette Sheridan, has been a persona non grata since she leveled an ultimately unsuccessful $20 million assault lawsuit against Cherry and ABC in 2005.

“Keeping those women on a level playing field nearly sent Marc into cardiac arrest then, and now it’s even worse!”

Plans call for the reunion episode to take place 10 years in the future, after a fire de­stroys most of the homes on Wisteria Lane, revealed the source.

“The fire uncovers a bunker filled with secrets, and everyone is required to come back and face police questioning,” continued the insider.

“The four actresses really want – and need – this special to happen, but their insecurities are going to bite them in the butt if they’re not careful.

“They’re already asking who’ll get the biggest scenes, the most face time, the best lines – even which one of them will be in front on the first promo poster, but the project is nowhere near that stage yet.”

Teri, Felicity and Marcia also fear Eva’s close relationship with producer Cherry means she’ll get favorable treatment, according to the source.

“They’re stonewall­ing until they know exactly who’s getting which story line, even though the script’s first draft hasn’t even been completed,” noted the source.

“It’s driving everyone crazy, especially Marc, who’s beginning to remember why he vowed to never touch the series again.”