Demi Moore has been branded a marriage-wrecker by Ashton Kutcher‘s angry sister-in-law. Melissa Kutcher blames the superstar couple for destroying her relationship with Ashton’s twin brother Michael.

And, in an exclusive interview with The National Enquirer, the 24-year-old store assistant spoke out for the first time to reveal secrets behind the Hollywood romance everybody has been talking about since the 42-year-old actress hooked up with her 27-year-old lover two years ago.

“Demi broke up my marriage,” insisted a tearful Melissa, the mother of Ashton’s nine-month-old nephew, after she was served with divorce papers on June 9. “Demi hasn’t liked me since the moment we first met almost two years ago. It’s hard to be in a marriage when the entire Kutcher family doesn’t like me. I blame Demi Moore for our break-up.”

Melissa, who is still living with her husband in Cedar Rapids, Ia., said she believes multi-millionaire Demi looks down on her hardscrabble background — even though the Indecent Proposal star herself came from humble beginnings.

While Demi and Ashton fly between their three homes, the actor’s brother and his wife lived until recently in an $8,000 trailer before moving to their modest $58,000 rented house in Cedar Rapids.

With a wedding looming for Demi and Ashton, Melissa said the couple no longer wants her around. “Demi always gets what she wants,” Melissa said. “Ashton’s family knows she doesn’t like me, so they made a choice and have sided with Demi and Ashton. “I feel sorry for my husband — he’s being controlled and pressured by his family and he’s not thinking rationally.”

Melissa revealed her problems with Demi began right at their first meeting when the actress visited Ashton’s mother Diane in Homestead, Ia., soon after she started dating the That ’70s Show star.

“A 12-year-old girl I babysat wanted to meet her and have her picture taken with Demi,” Melissa explained. “Demi begrudgingly said it was okay and posed with her little fan. Before I finished taking the photo, Ashton’s mother literally jumped down my throat for taking Demi’s picture. Diane told me Demi was upset and that when Demi comes to her house she shouldn’t have to worry about getting her picture taken. Demi just sat back on the couch and looked on as the entire family was scolding me.

“From that point on, I could tell I wasn’t one of her favorites. In front of my face she always acted polite, but you could feel her coldness. “Before this incident I got along okay with my husband’s family, but afterwards my relationship with them went downhill.”

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